Vines #10

Vines Fractal 40

Center: -0.7535-0.0482i, window width = .0019.

I was undecided whether to post this one or delete it. The accumulator coloring uses a square rather than a circle. The problem is that the base fractal, that is same area but with default escape-time coloring, is complex and interesting on its own. In a sense, that starting point is thick. The vine coloring is fighting with, and colliding with the base fractal. There is not enough surrounding open area for the “decorations”.

I may return to this one. A lighter touch on the enhancements, similar to Smooth 1D colors #16 or Vines #1 may produce better results.

I have moved on to other things, and there is more work to do before starting the next topic. I do not want to get in the habit of skipping a day because what I have is not perfect. So I decided to post this as-is.

Vines #8

Vines Fractal 38

Fractal location 0.020 + 0.818i, image width 0.016. With more a conventional coloring method, the fractal shape here is a jagged line with branches, it is very thin. It looks like lightning. But it is rather boring, as if it is calling out for some decoration.

The vines algorithm is one way to add decorations. Points in what would normally be called the actual fractal (non-escaping orbits) are removed from this image. Focus is on the path the nearby escaping points take while escaping. Like wrapping vines around a jagged invisible branch.