Fractal a-610
Fractal a-610

If you click on the image in the post you get a full size image. I have it set to open in the same tab, you will need to hit the back button to get back here. Would opening in a new tab be better? (You can get a new tab with control-click.)

Most of the fractal images are rendered at 1600×900 pixels. If your screen is not large enough, the image is scaled down to fit. Click a second time and you can scroll the full image. Right click and select save image to download a copy.

I retain the copyright to the images. They are not public domain. I plan on releasing most of the images with a CC BY-NC-SA license. However this license is way more complex than I remember. I need to read it when I am in the mood to make sure it says what I think it says. Until I get the full legalese posted, here is an informal license. You are free to use the images for personal use such as your screen saver, or printing for your scrapbook or wall. You can use the images on your personal web page as long as the accompanying text acknowledges my copyright and provides a link back to my web page ( It would be polite, but is not required, that you notify me in that case. For any other use, please contact me for permission. 

Did I mention that the page is under construction? That is the default state. I do not like how WordPress stores media. I plan on changing that. Links to images will break. For that matter, someday I will be close to a final product. At that time I will probably delete all of these early rambling, I-don’t-know-what-I-am doing posts. So, if you like something, copy it to your hard drive now.

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